Thursday, July 7, 2011


The number 1 question I get asked almost everyday is do I meet fans?
The answer is yes I do meet fans, but only at conventions like the AVN or Adultcon for examples or other public functions such as autograph signings. Sorry guys, I do not meet one on one just to meet.

The number 2 most often question I get is can you do a photo or video with me?
The answer is YES! But, you must meet my criteria. I am very very selective to whom I play with in my photos and videos. Below is a list of a few of my requirements that I like when selecting men do work with. These requirements are not set in stone, but they are pretty solid:
   a.  First thing is I must have an attraction to the person. Everyone has their likes and dislikes. You will need to send me a recent face photo and a full length  body photo before even being considered for a chance to shoot with me. If I say no, don't be discouraged and write me to ask why. The reason why is because it was my choice and you did not have the look I was looking for.
   b. I like men at least 5'8" in height, slim to average and not over weight, no beer  bellies! No large tattoos all over the body. Must be clean and well groomed!
   c. No hairy men, I hate hair all over the back and stomach. I don't mind a little chest hair. Also, I like men that are trimmed neat down below. Meaning, trim it up, we women do it for you, so you do it for us. No large beards, a small goatee is fine.
   d.  I prefer men 25 to 35 years of age. I will go a little older if the guy is in very good shape and appealing to me.
   e.  I definitely prefer a large package on the guy, If you are smaller than 6 inches, do not apply. Thickness is a plus.
   f.  If selected, your face will be seen, I do not do shoots where the person's face is not allowed to be shown.
   g.  Condoms are mandatory, no exceptions!!!
   h.  You will be required to sign a release form prior to the shoot.
These are the minimum requirements, If I like what I see, then we can take it a step further.  As for you ladies that would like to shoot with me, just send me a photo.

It seems a lot of you want to know if my boobs are real and how big are they?  
People are always asking  me how big my boobs are. I always answer they are 32 Gee aren't they some big boobs. My real answer to the question is yes and no. Yes, they are really mine because they belong to me and they are a part of me. Then no, they are store bought and I got a good deal on them, buy one, get the other one for free. I started off as a 32A and had them done 3 times to get to a 32G.  Yes you read that right 32G. That is the measurement size according to the Fredericks of Hollywood catalog scale.  I can actually wear some 36DD bras, depending on the make of the bra. I have 1200 cc of saline in each breast.  I love em, I hope you do to!

What can I expect to see in your members area?
I have it all, hardcore to the artsy stuff. I have hardcore photos of me with guys, girls, toys, interracial, anal, gangbangs, DP, ATM, cum shots and so much more. I am always trying to what my fans want to see. So if you have a suggestion, drop me a line. I will do what I can to do the request and get it posted as fast as I can.

Do I swallow?
Of course I do! In the cases where I don't swallow, I usually have the guy shoot it on my face or between my boobs, or where ever he or they want to. I even did a cum swap with a girlfriend one time.

Do I do custom photos or videos?
Yes I do, but it depends on the content. Normal sex stuff is fine and I love to do it. I will not do anything with children, animals or bathroom games. The price of the video depends on the content. I will tell you now, I do not come cheap.  Custom videos start off at $500 for a 30 minute solo video and the price goes up from there depending on content.

Do I perform on stage, at clubs or private parties?
Sorry folks, I am not a dancer and I do not perform at any of those places.

Will I meet you privately or do I do any type of escorting?
Sorry again, I am not an escort or do I meet anyone privately.

Where Am I from?
I now live in Texas.  Home of the Alamo.  I have lived here since 1992 and I just love it here.  There is so much to do here and it’s just a wonderful city to be a part of. The weather is great and the people are very friendly.

Am I married?
Yes I am, over 30 something years now.  Yes, to the same wonderful guy all that time. He is also my photographer, manager and stunt cock. I love his big cock!!

How old am I?
Well let me just say that I am old enough. You really think I would answer that one? If I told you, I would have to kill you. I wouldn't want to lose a fan.

Do I like anal sex?
Ooooooooooh YES! enough said. Give it to me Baby! Doing me in the ass makes me squirt and I do love to squirt. Anal sex is by far my favorite sexual activity.  Only one thing tops anal and that is DP! 

Will I be doing any hardcore videos?
Yes I have done hardcore videos and they are for sale on my DVD page. I have amateur and professional videos on my DVD page ranging from 30 minutes to almost 3 hours in length.  All of my videos are in DVD format and are all mailed out in a discreet envelope. Sorry no VHS.

Do I smoke?
No I actually do not smoke at all and never have. But, since becoming a model an having all of you great fans now, I have been asked a 1000 times to do smoking sets. So I have done them. It isn't been easy that's for sure. I have done a couple smoking videos with cigarettes and cigars. They are posted on my DVD page.

Am I on any other site?
Yes, I am on another site. Just do a keyword search for Deauxma and you will find me. or you can just email me at and I will tell you.

Am I ticklish and if so where?
Yes I am ticklish. The places that really gets me going are on my sides and on the back of my neck. I really toss and squirm when a person starts to lick my neck.

Do I accept gifts?
Of course I do, I'm a woman and we all love to receive secret gifts. So if you plan on sending something and I hope you do, my statistics are below:
Bra - 36DD (depends on make)
Panties - 7 or Med
Dress -  7 or Med, some smalls
Shoes - 9.5 , a 10 please if it has a high heel. (yep I have big feet)

Well I hope that  answers a few questions.  Anytime you have a question, please drop me a line. Take care.

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